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官网  When the Spaniards came, the two Englishmen were so encouraged,that they could not satisfy themselves to stay any longer there;but taking five of the Spaniards, and themselves, with four musketsand a pistol among them, and two stout quarter-staves, away theywent in quest of the savages. And first they came to the treewhere the men lay that had been killed; but it was easy to see thatsome more of the savages had been there, for they had attempted tocarry their dead men away, and had dragged two of them a good way,but had given it over. From thence they advanced to the firstrising ground, where they had stood and seen their camp destroyed,and where they had the mortification still to see some of thesmoke; but neither could they here see any of the savages. Theythen resolved, though with all possible caution, to go forwardtowards their ruined plantation; but, a little before they camethither, coming in sight of the sea-shore, they saw plainly thesavages all embarked again in their canoes, in order to be gone.They seemed sorry at first that there was no way to come at them,to give them a parting blow; but, upon the whole, they were verywell satisfied to be rid of them.

注册By the time the men got to the shore again with the pinnace our menbegan to appear; they came dropping in, not in two bodies as theywent, but straggling here and there in such a manner, that a smallforce of resolute men might have cut them all off. But the dreadof them was upon the whole country; and the men were surprised, andso frightened, that I believe a hundred of them would have fled atthe sight of but five of our men. Nor in all this terrible actionwas there a man that made any considerable defence: they were sosurprised between the terror of the fire and the sudden attack ofour men in the dark, that they knew not which way to turnthemselves; for if they fled one way they were met by one party, ifback again by another, so that they were everywhere knocked down;nor did any of our men receive the least hurt, except one thatsprained his foot, and another that had one of his hands burned.龙8官网注册官网

注册CHAPTER X - HE IS LEFT ON SHORE官网龙8官网注册注册I WAS very angry with my nephew, the captain, and indeed with allthe men, but with him in particular, as well for his acting so outof his duty as a commander of the ship, and having the charge ofthe voyage upon him, as in his prompting, rather than cooling, therage of his blind men in so bloody and cruel an enterprise. Mynephew answered me very respectfully, but told me that when he sawthe body of the poor seaman whom they had murdered in so cruel andbarbarous a manner, he was not master of himself, neither could hegovern his passion; he owned he should not have done so, as he wascommander of the ship; but as he was a man, and nature moved him,he could not bear it. As for the rest of the men, they were notsubject to me at all, and they knew it well enough; so they took nonotice of my dislike. The next day we set sail, so we never heardany more of it. Our men differed in the account of the number theyhad killed; but according to the best of their accounts, put alltogether, they killed or destroyed about one hundred and fiftypeople, men, women, and children, and left not a house standing inthe town. As for the poor fellow Tom Jeffry, as he was quite dead(for his throat was so cut that his head was half off), it would dohim no service to bring him away; so they only took him down fromthe tree, where he was hanging by one hand.官网注册However just our men thought this action, I was against them in it,and I always, after that time, told them God would blast thevoyage; for I looked upon all the blood they shed that night to bemurder in them. For though it is true that they had killed TomJeffry, yet Jeffry was the aggressor, had broken the truce, and hadill-used a young woman of theirs, who came down to them innocently,and on the faith of the public capitulation.

官网注册The boatswain defended this quarrel when we were afterwards onboard. He said it was true that we seemed to break the truce, butreally had not; and that the war was begun the night before by thenatives themselves, who had shot at us, and killed one of our menwithout any just provocation; so that as we were in a capacity tofight them now, we might also be in a capacity to do ourselvesjustice upon them in an extraordinary manner; that though the poorman had taken a little liberty with the girl, he ought not to havebeen murdered, and that in such a villainous manner: and that theydid nothing but what was just and what the laws of God allowed tobe done to murderers. One would think this should have been enoughto have warned us against going on shore amongst the heathens andbarbarians; but it is impossible to make mankind wise but at theirown expense, and their experience seems to be always of most use tothem when it is dearest bought.官网But this is a digression: I return to my landing. It would beneedless to take notice of all the ceremonies and civilities thatthe Spaniards received me with. The first Spaniard, whom, as Isaid, I knew very well, was he whose life I had saved. He cametowards the boat, attended by one more, carrying a flag of trucealso; and he not only did not know me at first, but he had nothoughts, no notion of its being me that was come, till I spoke tohim. "Seignior," said I, in Portuguese, "do you not know me?" Atwhich he spoke not a word, but giving his musket to the man thatwas with him, threw his arms abroad, saying something in Spanishthat I did not perfectly hear, came forward and embraced me,telling me he was inexcusable not to know that face again that hehad once seen, as of an angel from heaven sent to save his life; hesaid abundance of very handsome things, as a well-bred Spaniardalways knows how, and then, beckoning to the person that attendedhim, bade him go and call out his comrades. He then asked me if Iwould walk to my old habitation, where he would give me possessionof my own house again, and where I should see they had made butmean improvements. I walked along with him, but, alas! I could nomore find the place than if I had never been there; for they hadplanted so many trees, and placed them in such a position, so thickand close to one another, and in ten years' time they were grown sobig, that the place was inaccessible, except by such windings andblind ways as they themselves only, who made them, could find.



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