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潭美  I shall only add a word or two concerning my honest Popishclergyman, for let their opinion of us, and all other heretics ingeneral, as they call us, be as uncharitable as it may, I verilybelieve this man was very sincere, and wished the good of all men:yet I believe he used reserve in many of his expressions, toprevent giving me offence; for I scarce heard him once call on theBlessed Virgin, or mention St. Jago, or his guardian angel, thoughso common with the rest of them. However, I say I had not theleast doubt of his sincerity and pious intentions; and I am firmlyof opinion, if the rest of the Popish missionaries were like him,they would strive to visit even the poor Tartars and Laplanders,where they have nothing to give them, as well as covet to flock toIndia, Persia, China, &c., the most wealthy of the heathencountries; for if they expected to bring no gains to their Churchby it, it may well be admired how they came to admit the ChineseConfucius into the calendar of the Christian saints.

卡VS科When he was preparing to baptize her, I entreated him that he wouldperform that office with some caution, that the man might notperceive he was of the Roman Church, if possible, because of otherill consequences which might attend a difference among us in thatvery religion which we were instructing the other in. He told methat as he had no consecrated chapel, nor proper things for theoffice, I should see he would do it in a manner that I should notknow by it that he was a Roman Catholic myself, if I had not knownit before; and so he did; for saying only some words over tohimself in Latin, which I could not understand, he poured a wholedishful of water upon the woman's head, pronouncing in French, veryloud, "Mary" (which was the name her husband desired me to giveher, for I was her godfather), "I baptize thee in the name of theFather, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost;" so that none couldknow anything by it what religion he was of. He gave thebenediction afterwards in Latin, but either Will Atkins did notknow but it was French, or else did not take notice of it at thattime.潭美卡VS科罗拉罗拉

潭美As soon as this was over we married them; and after the marriagewas over, he turned to Will Atkins, and in a very affectionatemanner exhorted him, not only to persevere in that good dispositionhe was in, but to support the convictions that were upon him by aresolution to reform his life: told him it was in vain to say herepented if he did not forsake his crimes; represented to him howGod had honoured him with being the instrument of bringing his wifeto the knowledge of the Christian religion, and that he should becareful he did not dishonour the grace of God; and that if he did,he would see the heathen a better Christian than himself; thesavage converted, and the instrument cast away. He said a greatmany good things to them both; and then, recommending them to God'sgoodness, gave them the benediction again, I repeating everythingto them in English; and thus ended the ceremony. I think it wasthe most pleasant and agreeable day to me that ever I passed in mywhole life. But my clergyman had not done yet: his thoughts hungcontinually upon the conversion of the thirty-seven savages, andfain be would have stayed upon the island to have undertaken it;but I convinced him, first, that his undertaking was impracticablein itself; and, secondly, that perhaps I would put it into a way ofbeing done in his absence to his satisfaction.卡VS科潭美卡VS科罗拉罗拉Having thus brought the affairs of the island to a narrow compass,I was preparing to go on board the ship, when the young man I hadtaken out of the famished ship's company came to me, and told me heunderstood I had a clergyman with me, and that I had caused theEnglishmen to be married to the savages; that he had a match too,which he desired might be finished before I went, between twoChristians, which he hoped would not be disagreeable to me.潭美卡VS科I knew this must be the young woman who was his mother's servant,for there was no other Christian woman on the island: so I beganto persuade him not to do anything of that kind rashly, or becausebe found himself in this solitary circumstance. I represented tohim that he had some considerable substance in the world, and goodfriends, as I understood by himself, and the maid also; that themaid was not only poor, and a servant, but was unequal to him, shebeing six or seven and twenty years old, and he not above seventeenor eighteen; that he might very probably, with my assistance, makea remove from this wilderness, and come into his own country again;and that then it would be a thousand to one but he would repent hischoice, and the dislike of that circumstance might bedisadvantageous to both. I was going to say more, but heinterrupted me, smiling, and told me, with a great deal of modesty,that I mistook in my guesses - that he had nothing of that kind inhis thoughts; and he was very glad to hear that I had an intent ofputting them in a way to see their own country again; and nothingshould have made him think of staying there, but that the voyage Iwas going was so exceeding long and hazardous, and would carry himquite out of the reach of all his friends; that he had nothing todesire of me but that I would settle him in some little property inthe island where he was, give him a servant or two, and some fewnecessaries, and he would live here like a planter, waiting thegood time when, if ever I returned to England, I would redeem him.He hoped I would not be unmindful of him when I came to England:that he would give me some letters to his friends in London, to letthem know how good I had been to him, and in what part of the worldand what circumstances I had left him in: and he promised me thatwhenever I redeemed him, the plantation, and all the improvementshe had made upon it, let the value be what it would, should bewholly mine.

罗拉潭美His discourse was very prettily delivered, considering his youth,and was the more agreeable to me, because he told me positively thematch was not for himself. I gave him all possible assurances thatif I lived to come safe to England, I would deliver his letters,and do his business effectually; and that he might depend I shouldnever forget the circumstances I had left him in. But still I wasimpatient to know who was the person to be married; upon which hetold me it was my Jack-of-all-trades and his maid Susan. I wasmost agreeably surprised when he named the match; for, indeed, Ithought it very suitable. The character of that man I have givenalready; and as for the maid, she was a very honest, modest, sober,and religious young woman: had a very good share of sense, wasagreeable enough in her person, spoke very handsomely and to thepurpose, always with decency and good manners, and was neither toobackward to speak when requisite, nor impertinently forward when itwas not her business; very handy and housewifely, and an excellentmanager; fit, indeed, to have been governess to the whole island;and she knew very well how to behave in every respect.卡VS科I was then curious, indeed, to see it; and when I came to it, itwas nothing but this: it was a timber house, or a house built, aswe call it in England, with lath and plaster, but all thisplastering was really China ware - that is to say, it was plasteredwith the earth that makes China ware. The outside, which the sunshone hot upon, was glazed, and looked very well, perfectly white,and painted with blue figures, as the large China ware in Englandis painted, and hard as if it had been burnt. As to the inside,all the walls, instead of wainscot, were lined with hardened andpainted tiles, like the little square tiles we call galley-tiles inEngland, all made of the finest china, and the figures exceedingfine indeed, with extraordinary variety of colours, mixed withgold, many tiles making but one figure, but joined so artificially,the mortar being made of the same earth, that it was very hard tosee where the tiles met. The floors of the rooms were of the samecomposition, and as hard as the earthen floors we have in use inseveral parts of England; as hard as stone, and smooth, but notburnt and painted, except some smaller rooms, like closets, whichwere all, as it were, paved with the same tile; the ceiling and allthe plastering work in the whole house were of the same earth; and,after all, the roof was covered with tiles of the same, but of adeep shining black. This was a China warehouse indeed, truly andliterally to be called so, and had I not been upon the journey, Icould have stayed some days to see and examine the particulars ofit. They told me there were fountains and fishponds in the garden,all paved on the bottom and sides with the same; and fine statuesset up in rows on the walks, entirely formed of the porcelainearth, burnt whole.



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